National Music Centre Residency Enriches Students’ Musical Experience

Grade 1 and 2 students have been moving and shaking to connect to the music and rhythm within their own bodies. What a perfect fit for our energetic young learners! Grades 3 to 6 students have engaged in an inquiry into how short sound samples can be layered to create and compose original music. Using a class set of iPods to record and manipulate vocal and found sounds, students collaborated to develop mini compositions. It was terrific to hear comments like, “That was so cool!” and “I can’t wait for the next class!” as students left the music room.

STS has also fostered learning connections with the NMC over the years through visits by our primary music classes with Mrs. Dickson to work with the instrument collections and participate in education programs. Mrs. Provencher has served as a teacher collaborator and curriculum writer for Cantos (NMC) and even participated in the development of the sound unit being explored at STS this week.

This enriched learning experience has been donor funded through the Artist-in-Residence program which, over the past five years has brought Julie Giroux, the Lincoln Centre Jazz Quartet, singer Steve Patterson, Dale Lonis and award-winning STS alumnus David Pierce ’90 to work closely with our students in addition to the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra’s impressive on campus performance.  We are grateful to Ted and Diana Rozsa, founding Artist-in-Residence donors, for instigating this enriched music experience for students of all ages.