From the Archives: A History of our Founding Schools – St. Hilda’s School for Girls


By: Gordon Freight

St. Hilda’s School was established in 1905 and is recognized to be the first private school in Western Canada. In the 1936 Ammonite, the St. Hilda’s yearbook, Headmistress Miss Macdonald speaks to the girls about establishing new ideas and high ideals in education for girls and young women.

“In many lines, St. Hilda’s and St. Hildians have set high standards by their achievements. For a long time now, in the Province, we have been the leaders in health and physical education for girls: from time to time our graduates have carried off coveted honours at the universities; some have won for themselves positions of leadership and responsibility; many have married and established happy homes in various parts of the world. How many of these loyal St. Hildians realize, I wonder, why they were able to enjoy the advantage of private school education in the Province of Alberta? The reason is simply that there has been a small group of interested men and women who have believed that education consists of things of the spirit, as well as of the things of the mind, and who, for this ideal, have made many sacrifices.”

While looking forward to the future, St. Hilda’s School for Girls helped lay the foundation for Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School. Many of the principles applied at St. Hilda’s are alive today – providing students with a well-rounded education focusing on scholarship, leadership and character.