A Student’s Perspective: Why Aspen Lodge is So Valuable to Our School

By: Braeden ‘18

Our new forest learning centre, Aspen Lodge, has been open for a few months now and many classes are starting to use it for integrated learning and to experience nature on our country campus, even in the winter. The glass-walled building, funded by donor support, has indoor furniture and a fireplace for warmth. 

The Aspen Lodge is a great asset to STS because of its convenience, versatility, mood and atmosphere. The Lodge is a great quality of our school because it can be used for any class, like my English class did for performing impromptu speeches, or an art class where students can study and draw nature. This outdoor classroom is truly unique because of its style, laid-back feel and versatility. It is simple and modern, yet made of wood with minimal furnishings and a heater to create a comforting mood. Aspen Lodge is one of the best, if not the best quality of STS because it provides us with another opportunity to take advantage of our unique, and one-of-a-kind, campus.

As my English teacher, Mr. Fink said, “My English class took advantage of Aspen Lodge and as we were reading, two mule deer walked by completely oblivious to us, needless to say the deer created a distraction, but what a great distraction!  Aspen Lodge is a great way for us to take advantage of our unique country campus!”