Student Leadership

The STS approach to leadership is one which focuses on developing the leadership capacity of the entire school community through collective learning processes which are broad based and participatory rather than on just developing individual leaders. In such a community, leaders emerge and recede as needed, residing at all levels. The taking on of responsibility is central to this emergence of leadership. Leadership in this light, is seen as a series of behaviours rather than a being role for heroes.

With this approach in mind, we believe that leadership is a growth opportunity and not solely a position. At times, the taking on of responsibility materializes into a formal position, and at other times, the responsibility materializes into actions, behaviours and attitudes that do not result in a formal position. However, it is all part of the leadership continuum that exists at STS. We expect our students and staff to exercise and implement the qualities of leadership even though they may not be the “leader” in the conventional sense. Qualities such as fairness, integrity, respect, compassion, empathy and setting an example are all qualities of leadership that we expect our community to display.
At STS leadership development is a deliberate process. We don’t just hope that leadership development happens, rather we deliberately create structures and tailor opportunities to support it happening. Furthermore, we believe that all STS students should be engaged in the leadership process if provided with the appropriate opportunities, supports and guidance. It is our belief that core leadership competencies can be modeled and taught and that teaching is a crucial aspect of leading, and leading of teaching.

All STS students will have the opportunity to lead at some point in their lives, whether informally or formally, and thus it is our responsibility to prepare them for leadership and to enable them to develop the skills and personal characteristics to be successful and effective global citizens in an increasingly complex and rapidly changing society. To that end, at STS we strive to make leadership part of the everyday school experience by infusing it in the curriculum, developing it in our flagship programs and co-curricular activities and practicing it within and beyond school walls.