The Athletics Program at Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School is consistent with our mission. Character and leadership are the cornerstones of our program and we look for ways to enhance them at every opportunity. Character is developed through successes and failures in team and individual sports including basketball, badminton, volleyball, field hockey, rugby, cross country running and track and field. It is through these athletic endeavours that students learn the values of sportsmanship and co-operation as well as determination and perseverance towards a common goal.

Leadership is the thread that ties our program together from one level of competition to the next. Opportunities are made available to participate as captains or managers of teams and even working as student coaches, referees, race marshals, scorekeepers, and officials. In addition, the Athletic Council allows students to organize and run specific athletic events including the divisional cross country running and track and field meets and basketball or volleyball tournaments. At year end, we recognize students who have made a significant contribution in the areas of leadership and character at our Athletic Awards Celebrations in the Middle and Senior Schools. 

Athletic Opportunities

There are a variety of athletic opportunities including both individual and team sports at various levels of play for STS students.

Individual Sports

STS-Athletics-Cross-CountryCross Country – STS has a long tradition of success in cross country running. The program begins in Grade 7 and continues throughout Senior School. It is offered as both a competitive sport and as a recreational activity. The goal of the program is to develop a lifetime commitment to exercise and fitness. Students begin training in September and continue through to late October. Our School continues to host the Divisional Championship Meet each September to showcase our vast trail system. The culmination of the Senior School season is an optional trip to a Canadian or U.S. destination when students compete as teams in a marathon.

Golf –
STS offers both competitive and recreational golf opportunities. A co-curricular program in the Middle School introduces athletes to golf etiquette and begins skill development. In the Senior School, golf is integrated into the physical education program and is also offered as a competitive sport. Competing out of the Heritage Pointe Golf Course, the STS golf team has 14 Zone banners and 11 ASAA Provincial titles in the past 17 years. Top coaching and professional instruction enable golfers to perform at their best while being mindful of their roles as ambassadors to the game. Many players have taken their game to the next level and have gone on to play collegiate golf in the United States and Canada.

Track and Field –
Track and field sports are celebrated at STS as a measure of raw athleticism. Students compete at the Middle School and Senior School levels in the Foothills Division and South Central Zone Meets. If Senior students are successful at both, they are then eligible to compete at the provincial level. The season of competition commences in early April and ends in June.

Team Sports

Badminton – Agility, grace, speed and precision are words that describe the STS badminton program. It is offered in the spring for the Middle and Senior School. In the Middle School, there are three teams that are divided by grade. In the Senior School, one team is offered. All teams compete in the Foothills Division and continue on to the South Central Zones and Provincials if they qualify.

Basketball – STS has ten basketball teams that compete in the fall and winter terms. In the Middle School, there are six teams which compete in the Foothills Division; theSTS Basketball Grade 9 teams with hopes of qualifying for the South Central Zone Competition. The Grade 7 Boys team travels to compete in the CAIS (Canadian Accredited Independent Schools) Under 13 tournament held each year around the country. At the Senior School level, STS offers four teams all of which compete at the 2A level in the South Central Zone and eventually the provincial competitions. Several of the teams host tournaments on a yearly basis.

STS Field HockeyField Hockey – Field Hockey is popular among the girls in the spring term. Fitness and co-operation is required from all participants as they work to develop their individual and team skills over the course of the season. Although no official league exists for the teams to compete in, coaches always manage to find good competition at various tournaments in the surrounding area.

Rugby – This physically demanding sport is played during the spring term. Our program boasts high quality coaching from both STS staff and the community. The program has built a reputation for excellence that is grounded on the principles of inclusion, hard work and discipline. It is available to boys in Grades 9 through 12 at both a Junior Varsity and Senior Varsity level. Both teams compete within the AASA at the Tier II level. The rugby seasons kick off shortly after the return from spring break.

Volleyball – As a perennial power house in the sport of volleyball, STS offers ten teams that compete in the fall term. In the Middle School, all six teams offered compete in the Foothills Division with the opportunity to compete in the South Central Zone Tournament should they qualify. In Senior School, we offer a boys and girls Junior Varsity team as well as a boys and girls Varsity team. All four teams play at the 2A level in the South Central Zone. From there, the varsity teams have the opportunity to play at the provincial level. The Senior Varsity girls also attend the Western Canadian Independent School Championships each year at various schools.

STS Volleyball

Read about the ASAA (Alberta Schools' Athletic Association).


STS Athletics Department Contact:

Mr. Ken Zelez
Athletics Director
Phone: 403-938-8310