Senior School

Welcome to the Senior School at Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School.

Our mission of scholarship, leadership and character charts the course for everything we do at STS. In the Senior School, we achieve this mission by offering our students choice beginning with our academic programs. Senior School students can choose to study a combination of IB Diploma courses and STS courses, or they can tackle the full IB Diploma Programme. Regardless of their choice, they will be engaging in an academic program of excellence which promotes inquiry and provides for differentiation of instruction. All of our academic courses, IB or otherwise, challenge students to do their best.

Our co-curricular programs are also about choice. Students pick and choose from a variety of exceptional athletic, fine arts and service opportunities. We also offer a Speech and Debate Program which inspires students to engage in challenging issues, helping them develop confidence.

We are a Round Square School and as such our academic and co-curricular programs are shaped by the IDEALS of Round Square: Internationalism, Democracy, Environment, Adventure, Leadership and Service. The values of Round Square not only fit with the values of the IB Diploma Programme, they also reflect the values of our School.

These values become ingrained in Senior School, giving students a sense of empowerment. For instance, our Grade 10 students begin the school year with an activity camp which quickly establishes a community feeling among peers. Our Outdoor Education Program, long recognized as one of the best in Canada, provides students opportunities to develop leadership skills while exploring and challenging themselves in safe environments. Our Grade 11 Agencies Program provides students opportunities to serve their communities as students spend an afternoon each week over the course of one semester assisting mentally and physically challenged youth and adults. Every year, students have an ooprtunity to travel and participate in an international service project.

Our students graduate from STS inspired to make a difference; our School community and the opportunities we provide ensure they are prepared to do so.


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Construction on our new Inspiring Facilities began on June 21, 2016 and is expected to be completed this Fall. This is what the construction site looks like right now: