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Middle School is a "between time". Students at this age find themselves caught between Elementary and Senior School, dependence and independence, childhood and young adulthood. Moving
on from Elementary usually means leaving that single classroom environment with a single teacher and moving into an institution with multiple classrooms and multiple subject specialist teachers. Students are ready for the independence that comes with the mobility, but they also need the reassurance of a safe haven.

STS provides this safe haven through a highly qualified faculty that understand and choose to be with students of this age group. We also provide a learning environment with a small pupil teacher ratio. We work hard to ensure our students don't get lost.

For this reason, every student in Middle School is assigned an Advisor. This Advisor becomes an adult advocate for that student with the goal of maximizing her or his potential as a member of the STS community. The Advisor program strives to build a strong relationship between students and a specific Middle School teacher. It is relationship that helps our students to not only understand the values and culture of this unique school, but also learn to adapt and succeed in the areas of scholarship, leadership and character – the fundamental components of our School's mission statement.

Students in Middle School move from class to class throughout the day, but mostly with their homeroom grouping, aside from language and arts options. That group stays intact the whole year and relationships between students are built as they come to encourage and support one another.
In academics, the IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) forms the basis of the curriculum for Grades 7-10 at STS. The Alberta Education curriculum is delivered through the MYP which provides a framework for students to see course content through real-life contexts as they are encouraged to ask questions, think critically and work collaboratively.

Middle School students are provided with an excellent grounding in the core subject areas of math, science, English and social studies. We also provide equal time to modern languages (French and Spanish) as well as the arts, health and physical education.

Opportunities to pursue interests outside the classroom are provided through our co-curricular programs with clubs, teams, trips and performances in the areas of speech and debate, outdoor education, athletics, the fine and performing arts as well as community service.
The Middle School at STS provides a safe and caring environment in which students can work through the "between time". The opportunities provided both in and out of the classroom mean our students move forward as well-balanced individuals who go on to lead purposeful lives.


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