Peter B. Ditchburn Library

Our library, named after former Head of School, Peter Ditchburn, is central to implementing, enriching and supporting the teaching and learning programs of our school. We are proactive in developing information literate students and supporting an information literate community. Our library supports and enhances all our programs through our collections and services in both real and virtual environments. Literature and a reading culture is promoted through literature based units and enrichment activities, story time and book talks as well as displays, guest speakers and the library Website. The library staff collaborates with teachers to design and provide learning opportunities to meet the varied needs of our students. Our library collection reflects a global perspective, promoting intercultural understanding and international mindedness amongst students and our school community as a whole. 

Our library program strives to develop lifelong, independent, and information literate learners and focuses on skills and strategies that will enable students to successfully fulfill their post-secondary and work related responsibilities. 

General Information 
Our library collection includes an in-house inventory of some 37,000 books and other items as well as provides access to a substantial number of reputable online academic databases and other digital resources. We carry a varied and comprehensive selection of books including non-fiction titles, picture books, novels, graphic novels and short stories, ebooks and audio books. 

Services and resources are provided around the clock by our library faculty and staff either face to face or through the library Website, the online catalogue and a number of Web 2.0 applications.


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Watch the Progress!

Construction on our new Inspiring Facilities began on June 21, 2016 and is expected to be completed this Fall. This is what the construction site looks like right now:

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Ms. Genevieve Shepherd
Head Teacher-Librarian, 
Middle and Senior School Teacher-Librarian 

Ms. Morgan Chapman
Elementary Librarian 

Ms. Melissa McAvena  
Library Technician

Our library is also supported by a substantial number of parent volunteers.