Tuition & Fees

Student Fee Schedule

Grades 1-3:  $18,780
Grades 4-6: $20,220
Grades 7-9: $21,110
Grades 10-12: $21,660

Various methods of payment are accepted including cheque, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Online Bill Payment. An instalment plan is also offered.

Overdue accounts
Student accounts owing for more than 30 days will be subject to an interest charge of 24 per cent per annum.

Any family who has an unpaid balance with the School must pay that outstanding balance before their child or children will be allowed to register for the subsequent year. In addition, satisfactory payment terms must be in place for the following school year.

After June 1, the person(s) accepting financial responsibility for a student is responsible for paying the contracted amount of fees for the school year, even in the case of a withdrawal. This protects the School from financial loss in the case of unexpected withdrawals.

The School reserves the right to dismiss any student whose scholarship, conduct or cooperation is unsatisfactory. When a student is suspended or expelled, fees will not be refunded by STS. A Tuition Refund Insurance Plan is available to protect against the possible loss of tuition in the event of withdrawal or dismissal. For those selecting the instalment payment method, this premium is mandatory and is included in the tuition. Although Tuition Refund Insurance is optional with the full payment option, we recommend this coverage be taken.

All students wear a School uniform. It can be purchased at Halpern’s Limited in Calgary (403-252 -9342). The School also has a consignment clothing store called Tweeds and More (403-938-9126) run by parent volunteers. Tweeds and More sells quality, gently used uniform items. A percentage of the consignment sales goes back to the School.

Costs for students’ uniforms vary depending on individual needs. The initial costs range from $800 to $1,000, though many of those items will last for two to three years. In subsequent years, the uniform costs are minimal.

Transportation fee
All families must pay a mandatory $500 transportation fee. This fee helps to cover the cost of transportation to and from many off-campus activities. In addition, the School provides a daily early and late bus service from and to Calgary for those students who need to be at the School before and after normal bus departure times. Transportation to non-school activities is the responsibility of parents.

Busing fee
First Student Canada provides bus service to Strathcona-Tweedsmuir School. The fee for this service is $2,570. Students who plan to use the bus must send a deposit on or before June 1 each year. Before the school year begins, a bus schedule will be distributed to each family who has committed to using the bus. Occasional busing is available to other students only if a seat is still available.

Technology fees
Our technology immersion program begins in Grade 6. Students in Grades 6 to 9 are required to rent a School prescribed notebook computer for their personal use. The cost of renting the notebook is $620 per school year.

As of September 2016, Senior School students will have use of personally chosen devices, software platforms, and applications.

Membership Fee
In order to reserve a place for students, the School requires that a non-refundable payment of $3,500 be paid upon acceptance.  This payment will serve as the Membership Fee required for each new student enrolled in the School and will not be applied towards tuition.

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